Eternal Designs The Art Of Custom Painting 

We are a Christian company that believes in integrity and excellence. That means we stand behind everything we do. We have over 27 years experience in the paint business. Since 1996 we have been in business servicing Houston area motorcycle shops. We specialize in the Harley-Davidson, V Twin market. Eternal Designs is also an authorized repair shop for the top insurance companies, so we can handle any of your paint repair needs like color matching, bodywork or fabrication.  We also specialize in custom paint from graphics to full blown detailed airbrush work. Here at Eternal Designs we strive for the highest possible level of quality therefore we only use the top of the line PPG and HOK products to insure that show stopping finish. We have a state of the art shop and equipment with a 17 by 24 foot downdraft paint booth with heat which allows us to paint in a set temperature when its cold as well as baking the paint for that factory finish. Even the air lines are filtered from oil,water,and dust to prevent contaminants from getting in the paint. We have extremely high quality standards for the work that leaves our shop.  We never deliver a job until it passes our professional standards and we know the customer will be extremely satisfied!