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 Houston’s Premier Harley Davidson Motorcycle Custom Paint Shop.

Eternal Designs is a custom paint shop that services the Houston, Texas area. We specialize is high end Harley-Davidson custom, stock paint and bodywork. We take great pride in the fact we have been Houston’s premier custom paint shop for 19 years. Take a look at the album page to see some of the custom paint work from Eternal Designs.If you are tired of riding a Harley-Davidson that blends into the crowd and demand the highest quality possible, give us a call. We can help you to design a paint job to fit your taste, style and budget. We offer airbrush work with the highest level of detail with sharp clean edges that will please the pickiest of customers. If you have a custom painted motorcycle that needs some repair work then rest assured with 28 years of experience we can repair and match your paint. We service the Harley-Davidson motorcycle shops in the Houston area so you know our quality standards are high. Don’t trust your project to just anybody, trust the fact that Eternal Designs has been knocking out high quality paint work for decades.

Check out some of our work.

Factory H-D Paint Repair.

We sell and install audio for your bike.

Put some power to your speakers with an amp.

Upgrade your fairing speakers.

We only use PPG and HOK products!